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The regulation of the best before date in Japan is twice as short as Canada because it is quite strict.

It takes 2 weeks that most foods are stored in the ship and they are imported spending a month or more. Furthermore, procedure of customhouse will be taken about 2 weeks after arriving at Canada. Therefore, it is difficult to sell within best before date of Japan.

However, as our policy, we do not sell any expired items by the regular price. Expired items will be marked by red price tag or the best-before date is described clearly in the yellow price tag and great price cut will be done.

賞味期限とはカナダでの”Best Before”で、販売をしてはいけない期限ではございません。日本での賞味期限の設定は非常に厳しく、カナダの基準に照らし合わせると2倍も大丈夫なものもございます。



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